Paula Jordán shot her first photo with 5 years. In it, she immortalised the feet of a group of people sitting in a bathroom, including her mum. That was the beginning of a passion that continues until today.

At the age of 18, Paula coursed her studies at the International School of Photography (Grisart Barcelona), while studying, she started working on fixed photography campaigns for several brands.

Although photography was her passion, she started to feel the need to express more through images. For this reason, she decided to study cinematography at the Superior School of Film and Audiovisual of Catalonia (ESCAC).

After graduating in 2013, she started to work as a camera assistant, as a way to gain experience and build a network in the industry. Since then, she’s been working in dozens of projects as director of photography, being focused in her last years in fiction, commercials and music videos.

While she keeps growing and nurturing by collaborating with many directors, her dream is to make her first movie as a cinematographer.

Paula loves telling stories and she is constantly seeking for the best way to put the camera and the light at the service of the narrative, always paying attention to those small details that will make the piece unique and shine in its essence.

She aims to reinforce the directors’ point of view through the elements, creating a climate of trust with them, always being very involved in the project and finding a way to translate it into their work.

Each project is a new place for her to let her creativity flow.